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Business Support

ACPC provides IT support for small businesses.

We are completely independent with no tie-ins to any specific IT company.  We will advise on equipment and courses of action for specific IT problems and give your IT a complete health check.

ACPC can support the following areas:

  • Desktop and Laptop PCs and Apple Mac (all versions of Windows, Apple OS X and Linux)
  • Mobile device integration (Apple ipad/iphone, Android)
  • Cloud based systems
  • Servers (Windows Server, Small Business Server, NAS)
  • Networks (Ethernet, WiFi, wired LAN, mobile)
  • Broadband (ADSL, VDSL, satellite, FTTC, FTTP)
  • Interfacing with other IT providers, ACPC works well with other providers to take the load off managing suppliers

Remote support is also available, we can take control of your PC (with your permission!) and fix problems without a visit being needed in many cases.

ACPC specialises in supporting smaller businesses who may be in situations where you have been left wanting by other IT organizations.