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Computer Performance Checks

If your computer has started to run slowly or behave erratically it can be a sign of the system getting cluttered, virus infection or spyware/adware running on the system.

ACPC can overhaul your PC, clean out any dubious software and restore your computer to full functionality, speed and stability - usually better than new.

A typical tune-up includes:

  • Physical Disc check
  • Data backup
  • Virus/Trojan removal
  • Spyware/Adware clean up
  • Redundant file removal
  • System settings checkup
  • Operating system update
  • Device Driver check and update
  • Anti-virus and Anti-spyware utility installation
  • Drive defragmentation
  • Full report on the system with advice on effective upgrades

A tune-up can be done on any PC or Mac running any operating system (e.g. all versions of Windows, Mac OS/X, Linux). 

ACPC will turn a system around off-site typically in one day.  If the system proves to have a more serious physical problem then advice will be given on system repair, which can be carried out too.

A service can be performed on-site typically within half a day but it is preferred that a full job be done at ACPC.